Once in a while life can slow down to a halt

It freezes, right then and there

I can look around

And see everything at a standstill

The wind stops blowing, the sun hasn’t got warmth

People stuck,

At that very moment in time

This sounds like it might be fun,

A little charm to the day

And maybe a way to pass some time

But, it rarely tuns out to be a good thing

When all of life can be broken down,

To a still frame, a nanosecond,

All the truths and ugliness can come pouring out

The people walking, only staring at their shoes

Or even worse, caught up in the electronic world

Of phones and tablets

The air fills with a vapid taste

A complete lacking of wanting simplicity and happiness in life

There is no sharpness, no flavor

This frozen life-frame is insipid, dull and flat

I think it’s the reason

I’m always on the move

It takes just one of these ‘lucky’ glances

And I want out

I, in general, have a real distaste for people

I think most are out of touch,

Boring and just like all the others


Yes, that’s it


Like cattle or sheep

Always in a group, longing to be or do,

What every other cattle or sheep is or does

Vapid people all crammed together

In a lifeless world

Where mundane and grey and boring

Are looked at as excitement

And I wonder why I always feel the need to get away,

To the mountains, the ocean, The desert

I don’t think it’s about the places I go to

I think it has more to do

With the places and people

I long to leave behind

© Dicky J Loweman 2015