Static And White Noise

It’s late

And there will be no sleep for this fool, tonight

I’ve mixed drinks with writing, for the last several hours

In one sudden instant, I feel a need to change things up

I turn on the old radio

The same one I’ve played for years

The one with the broken glass faceplate

The one which has the knobs that stick

The one with so much age, it only has AM

It is beautiful, though

Dark wood panelling

And so much detail

Tonight as I scan the dial, I can’t find anything

White noise and static

Country music about beers and lost loves

Late night lectures on the wrath of God

And why I’ll surely burn in hell

In all the wonderful afterlife

There’s a late-night jazz station

I can sometimes pick up, but only in the wee-hours

It plays the sad ballads

With slow and soft piano

And long drawn out trumpet

If there is a god, she would own a seedy bar

And this is the music she would play

But I can’t find the station

Maybe it’s the weather

Maybe I was the only listener the station had

And because I haven’t listened for a spell

The whole station just dried up and blew away

That’s probably it

And the cause of all this static and white noise

Right around the 570 kHz mark

So I mix another drink

I’ve switched it up and gone onto

A lovely gin and tonic

With extra lime

And heavy on the tonic

I start to type, again

And soon I’m lost in this

Sad and hidden world

This sad and hidden world, which I love

And I don’t even seem to notice

That my favorite old radio

Plays no music

But only hisses at me

Through barely audible breaths

Of static

And white noise

© Dicky J Loweman 2015