Moon, Sun And Earth

The moon

Sits still

And watches over all of us

Tugging the oceans like a blanket

Rocking us,

Calming us,

Moving us


The sun

Casts warmth

And light by which we see

All the beauty in this world

Growing us,

Protecting us,

Guiding us


The earth

So overcrowded

Treated as if she is eternal

As if we do no harm

Providing us,

And we

Only take

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Heat Of The Afternoon

The sun beats into this room

Like a slave driver

Heating me and my awkward thoughts

To temperatures, which make blood boil

The paper called for rain

Never trust a paper,

Who can’t even get the weather,

Close to right

But, I do nothing to counteract

The heat of this room,

Just pacing

Back and forth,

Arms behind my back

Like a general planning

A strategic war move

But I have very little

In the way of interesting thoughts

So I take a seat

Look out the window

And wonder if it’s just as hot out there,

As it is in this room

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



Slow Old Sun

High overhead

Washing out

All the problems of the day

clearing room for the relaxing thoughts

Hot beams

Extremely bright

Without worry


Moving across

Blue skies

taking his time, while heading west

The same as he does, everyday

So calm

So methodical

And peaceful


I come

By often

As often as I’m allowed time

With love and acceptance, for repetition

For warmth

For affection

For shine

© D J Loweman 2015