Settle in,

Get comfortable

And wait for the big show

An entrance so grand, so bright

I sit

I watch

I wait


Time freezes

Winds stop

As the fire slowly builds up,

As night slowly turns into day

Then suddenly,

Without warning,

Sun rays


Morning light

Brightens all

A new day to greet me

And the world is awakened again

Good start,

Well worth

The wait


© D J Loweman 2015


Before Sunrise

I ride my bike, just before sunrise

Stillness, in the little sliver

Of what’s left of the night

This might be my favorite time

Of all day or night

All the creatures have wondered off

Bedded down, before daybreak

The whole world is mine

No people

No cars or traffic

No noise

Just me

Whipping along, at breakneck speed

Cool winds

And silence

For just this brief period

I’m the king

I rule all the land

Loneliness can be bitter


It can simply be

The best part

Of any given day

© Dicky J Loweman 2015




I spend countless nights with you
Smoking cigarette after cigarette
Drinking the booze, drinking the beer
We fancy ourselves poets, intellects
Really just smears of simple and sod
I spend countless nights with you
Roaming the city streets
Looking for one more speakeasy to let us in
In search of arguments
Or deep soul-searching, meaningless conversations
I spend countless nights with you
Fucking more for sport than love
Convincing ourselves we need it
Only to spit cursed words at one another
Finally holding each other and wanting to know
How could it get to this?
I spend countless nights with you
You sleep off your cheap wine
I stare out your dirty window
Nervously awaiting the sunrise
That which signals the beginning
The long and torturous time where we wait
Until the next countless night
© Dicky J Loweman 2014