Hey, Man…You Gotta Light?

I sometimes think I was born to lose everything

I feel I waste more time looking for “things”

Than anybody else, in the great wide world

I’ve been a smoker for years

And I never lose my cigarettes

But my lighter?

I can’t seem to keep it

I seem to put it down in the most unusual places

And you would think I’d have more than one

But, no

I only have the one

And, as of right now

As I type this out

I can’t remember where I left it

So my perfectly rolled smoke

Lies dorment and unlit

In my lonely ashtray

I bet I’ll spend the next ten minutes

Searching for that light blue Bic

And, as always, when I do find it

It will be in a place

(Any number of places)

That which little Bic lighters

Are never really suppose to be

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

This Life Calls For Certain Things

Such is life

That much is certain

Some days I feel it

Many days I can’t

Or don’t

Or won’t

And for some, there are essentials

Those things we can’t go without

Simple things

Horrific things

Some things, so complex, I don’t understand

Can’t or won’t understand

These things I write of

Change, depending on the person

They change on decisions

And of circumstance

Some days you can go without

Never thinking of them

Some days they will swallow you

And your every thought

And sometimes

Most times

You just plain want them

They make this life easier

More convenient

Easier to deal with

And easier to live by

I have a long list of these, said things

I can’t think of them all

For I don’t need them all

Not all at once

Not now

And often, never

But by having them

I find I am happier

A bit fitter

More socially acceptable

In a better mental and physical state

And more apt not to kill anyone

© Dicky J Loweman 2015