Fresh Air

To breathe

Fresh air

To sit and take it in

Letting it fill, all up inside

Calmness prevails

Serenity achieved

Love found


To breathe

Fresh air

Reworks all the old, past thoughts

Relives the memories I stored away

Brings smiles

Encourages laughter

Lightens loss


To breathe

Fresh air

Secrets spoken out loud and free

Painful times trail off, slip away

Returns me

To you

Happy, again

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Moon, Sun And Earth

The moon

Sits still

And watches over all of us

Tugging the oceans like a blanket

Rocking us,

Calming us,

Moving us


The sun

Casts warmth

And light by which we see

All the beauty in this world

Growing us,

Protecting us,

Guiding us


The earth

So overcrowded

Treated as if she is eternal

As if we do no harm

Providing us,

And we

Only take

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Settle in,

Get comfortable

And wait for the big show

An entrance so grand, so bright

I sit

I watch

I wait


Time freezes

Winds stop

As the fire slowly builds up,

As night slowly turns into day

Then suddenly,

Without warning,

Sun rays


Morning light

Brightens all

A new day to greet me

And the world is awakened again

Good start,

Well worth

The wait


© D J Loweman 2015

Airport Meet-Up

Morning flight

Safety instructions

And I’m left tired and blank

Miles to cross, to ford through

Wheels lift

Spaces between

Me and you


Slight sleep

Light turbulence

Elbowing at me, without any notice

No book to read, time stands still

Miles racked

Deep thoughts

Myself alone


Soft touchdown

Sunny day

Heart is quickened, skips a beat

impatience pounds, waiting for bags

wild glances

But you’re

Not there

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Long Walk

Each step

Carries me

Closer to where I need to be

The comfort, the rest from the

Jagged path

Many footsteps

Invasive thoughts


Lady bugs

Lavender fields

Whisper quietly about keeping me here

I can’t say that I’d mind

Sun fading

Stars beginning

To appear


Not much

Longer now

Safe and sound, all tucked away

Reflecting back to this perfect day

Good memories

Cleared head

Long sleep

© D J Loweman 2015

View From The Edge

Soft sands

Rolling ocean

All mine, to keep to myself

I could stay lost here, forever

calming breezes

Soaring gulls

Setting sun


Staring outward

Mindless drift

To be caught in the current

Rocking back in her wet arms

Orange skies

Purple clouds

Picturesque landscape


chilled waters

Rising moon

Soon will appear, a starlit map

Of all the worlds far away

Closed eyes

To remember

Easy living

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Death To Traffic Lights

I sit

And wait

And then I wait some more

For this light, to finally change

Time seems

To slow

To creep


I’m impatient

Need movement

And thoughts of illegal moves slither

Into this stilled brain, while waiting

Time laughs,

Gives me

The finger


Patients is

A vertue

Or so I have been told

But I wish death, to all

Traffic lights

As I

Wait alone

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Early Morning Rise

I stir

Still waking

I get up and shuffle around

Like an old car, I need to

Warm up

or else

I’ll stall


Peak out

Old windows

Get a taste for the day

Make a plan, what to do

Sipping coffee

And reading

Morning news


Finally alert

Cobwebs cleared

And ready to start the day

All this world is a stage

And I

Have plans

To shine

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Deep End Of The Ocean

And I

Watched you

As you slowly sank down

Dragged to the bottom, so dark

And I

Did nothing

To help


And You

Looked back

Up to me, but said nothing

Just held out both your hands

But still,

So silent

So dark


And I

Turned away

Not wanting to see the end,

The disappearing act, as you slipped

Deeper down

As I

Did nothing

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Wasting Summer

Green pasture

Rolling hills

Filled with flowers and good smells

Aromas which make my eyes close

Taken back

Many years

Youthful thoughts


Noon sun

Burning down

The only shade, quarter-mile away

Too many footsteps, too much time

Spent wasting

Simple pleasures

Summer smiles


Afternoon nap

Stealing shade

And this rest, for the haul

Back to the business of life

The cars

The people

The noise

© Dicky J Loweman 2015