Truth To It

Sometimes it gets bad

I mean, real bad

But other days it never even shows

What’s with that, I have to ask,

But never spend enough time on it,

To carry on and think it through

Some days just go like that

There have been many,

And Christ knows,

There’s more on the way

But I’ll be ok

I’ll make it through, all the same

Always have in the past,

And like the gritty sands,

That blow up in an unsuspecting wind,

It will stop,

And I’ll keep going

Hardly caring,

And never putting in the time,

To figure it all out

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Counterfeit World

It’s not always as it seems

And rarely turns out the ways you want

But that’s life

This is what we’re given to work with

You got the liars

The cheats

The low-down, no-goods

The special ones, who won’t explain the rules

But don’t worry about it,

Because they don’t play by their own rules, anyway

They like to make it up

As they cruise along

As long as it works out in their favor

That’s how it’s going to be

The fakes, the thieves

And just so you’re not surprised,

They’re everywhere

They’re the ones who sell you

Tickets to the show,

Fed complete with all the lines,

All the bullshit

And the world is full of them

The counterfeit producing,

Bullshit artists

The ones with the pretty smiles

And the swaggered walks

So take a look around

And if you start to pay attention

You’ll see them everywhere,

Spread out

And sucking on the life

Of this beautiful,

Counterfeit world

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


You say

No one takes comfort in you

No one seeks this from you

This perplexes you

Causes you to lose time thinking about it

You look to me for answers

Any advice I can give

“Maybe you should spend less time dwelling on it

And spend more time working on it”

You don’t like this answer

I can tell from the look on your face

Sorry, honey

Sometimes the truth isn’t what you’d expect

Or want to hear

Maybe you’ll learn to take

A little comfort in that

© Dicky J Loweman 2014