Settle in,

Get comfortable

And wait for the big show

An entrance so grand, so bright

I sit

I watch

I wait


Time freezes

Winds stop

As the fire slowly builds up,

As night slowly turns into day

Then suddenly,

Without warning,

Sun rays


Morning light

Brightens all

A new day to greet me

And the world is awakened again

Good start,

Well worth

The wait


© D J Loweman 2015

Wasting Summer

Green pasture

Rolling hills

Filled with flowers and good smells

Aromas which make my eyes close

Taken back

Many years

Youthful thoughts


Noon sun

Burning down

The only shade, quarter-mile away

Too many footsteps, too much time

Spent wasting

Simple pleasures

Summer smiles


Afternoon nap

Stealing shade

And this rest, for the haul

Back to the business of life

The cars

The people

The noise

© Dicky J Loweman 2015