(morning dew)

soft steps, morning dew

cool drops running down bare feet

first steps of this day

© Dicky J Loweman 2015



Blue river

Crystal clear

Moving along like a quiet train

Carrying the life to us all

With power

Much revered

Eyes wide


Channeled through

Soft embankments

Setting new turns and new bends

Slowing in the slowest of seasons

But enduring

Holding strength

Carrying on


Beautiful sight

Second glances

trying desperately to keep it

Following the tiny ripples

Reflective smiles

Gazing upon

Endless hours

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Today is a day for being alone

I search though the woods

stopping alone the way

Taking notice

The way the wind blows the trees

The tunes whistled by the birds

The squirrels gathering for the winter

But the day is hot

And of all the places I’ve seen

These aren’t perfect

I’m on a quest to find MY spot

One dropped on this fast spinning planet

Just for me

I stop, roll a smoke

Pour myself a drink of red wine

And listen again

That’s when I heard it

The sounds of a deeply hidden creek

I approach, undress completely

And sit down

The cool waters washing over me

Bringing me back to life

Just about this time

A slipstream whirled around me

I felt as aerodynamic as a jet

Light as air

And as free as I ever have

And all it took

Was a little water and air


© Dicky J Loweman