(wine stain)

wine stain on my shirt

a good time here forever

lasting thoughts of you

© Dicky J Loweman 2015


Cheap Wine Date

Cheap wine and a cheap date

Nothing left to do,

Except wonder the dirty streets

Block after block

Until our feet begin to hurt

And all the words have been let out

And neither of us,

Have anything left to say

She is a nice enough girl

Pretty, seems smart,

But she just not a good fit,

For someone like me

There are problems with girls like this

She seems to have all that she needs,

All her wants sewn up tight

But, there is a lack of excitement

No danger or regret to her

I have many faults

And a lot of holes to plug

I need randomness,

And all that come with the


She seems content

She doesn’t seem to have that

Certain need to scrutinize,

Shine or explore

So we just keep walking

Maybe I should just walk her home

Maybe we need

A more expensive time

Or maybe we should

Have stayed put

And just drank more

Cheap wine

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Sister Madly Stole Our Corkscrew

There is never a corkscrew when we need one

I checked every drawer in this small kitchen


I’ve come up short

When I ask her if she knows

As to the whereabouts of said missing corkscrew

“It must be where you left it”

She is often of no help

Certainly, when it comes to the corkscrew

“You opened the wine last, try to remember where you left it”, she chimes in

From deep in her comfortable seat

Behind her magazine about beautiful women and their styles

“Thank you”, I manage “And thank you, again”

I’m certainly better at sarcasm

Than remembering where I left the corkscrew

“Can you picture it, the corkscrew you’re looking for?”

“Yeah, I can picture it.  It has a black handle.  And the last time I saw it, it was stuck in Sister Madly’s wall.”

“Well, ok then.  Look there…”

“Wait, where?  Who?”

“Nevermind”, I whisper

And continue on checking

All the same drawers

I’ve already looked in

© Dicky J Loweman 2015