Simple Life

Simple tastes

A real lust for life

Seeing the sights

Taking it in

Johnny was an interesting guy,

Michelle was a girl who was just too far gone,

Steph loved her H

And David only wanted to see the city lights

Good for them

Good for all of them,

Every single one of them all

Life is a gamble

Play it like you’d like to

I like my drinks,

And writing these lines

It’s not too good

But it’s enough

Simple and sweet

A little salty and a whole lot of sour

The good life

Throw it in the shaker

Add some ice

Give it a shake

Then take it all down,

Down in one big gulp

It is, after all

The good life

So, my friends,

Take it all in

Enjoy it here and now,

While it’s here

And always remember,

It’s what you wanted

It’s what you decided to do

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

Just Like You

I think you and I are a lot alike

We seem to be on the same page

Of course, we have our differences, too

But those have been outweighed

By all the many similarities

We seem to share common writings

I think this is by chance

For we have never met

However, I think a meeting

Would make for a wonderful evening

Imagine all the fun

All the recklessness

All of the things we could get into

I don’t see a need to mention them

I have no doubt, as you read this

You’re coming up with your own

Your own dirty little secrets

All you think, but dare not say

I’m with you on that

Fun to think of, though

In the privacy

Of our own thoughts

Because, in the end

I think we share a lot

All those hidden qualities

Hidden desires

All of those which I have

Just like you

© Dicky J Loweman 2015

If You Like It

If you like it, take it

You worked hard, so reward yourself

It seems like a waste to me

But I didn’t put in all the work

The sweat, the hours, the grime

And if you feel that it will bring you happiness


Then reward yourself

It’s there for the taking

Just reach out and grab it

Don’t ask for my approval

Or whether or not I think it’s worth it

Just do it

Go ahead, knock yourself out

You know what they say

It’s the little things in life

Which make this mad world

Worth living

© Dicky J Lowweman 2015


You Know Who You Are

To me, this life grows thinner

All the auto mechanics, page-boys and school girls

Can’t and won’t fill it up

Stop with all the love poems

Stop by with a shot

I’ll take it

Like a bullet

Hope to see you soon

That same spot on the shore

It’s calling us, again

And all the doctors in the world

Can’t put me back together


© Dicky J Loweman 2015

You And I

You and I

Share our own little world

It’s not the only world

But this one is just ours

We rise in mid afternoon

We go to sleep

when the sun comes up

Our bar stays open 24 hours a day

We can smoke in it too

We have our friends

But see them rarely

They tend to just hold us back

Bring us down

For we have work to do

We write, drink, smoke, fight, sleep

We’re much too busy

To let them, most of the time

And besides

This is our world

Not theirs

Our special place

Not theirs

We share it

And share it well

You and I

© Dicky J Loweman 2014