Month: November 2014

Shades Of Blue

In shades of blue

Scaling across the floor

Down twisted tunnels and through barred doors

Seeping under window panes

Through glass, concrete, metal

Knowing no known boundaries or walls

Not stopping for caution

Not stopping for love, lust or injustice

In shades of blue

Tripping the light fantastic

Relishing in the past, present and future

Nowhere to be

Nothing to hold to

No way to get home

In these lonely shades of blue

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Advantages Taken

Times like this require courage

Split-second decisions, accuracy

A keen eye and a subtle smile

Take notice to the time

And when it’s right

Take full advantage

Of the girl not paying attention

Motion to the bartender

Order a drink

And skip her in line

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

A Letter

I sat down to write a letter

I didn’t have to

But I did it anyway

You’re such a pretty girl, I wrote

I’ve fallen for so much of you

Your hair, long and brown

Your eyes, the deepest blue

These line went on for some time

I rattled off the many ways I loved her

I wrote about her perfect body

Her saint-like demeanor

All her motherly ways

Oh so many ways I loved her

I wrote for hours

Hours turned to days

And when I finished

I addressed the envelope

Stamped it

And walked it to the box

Give or take a couple of days and it arrived

When it did

It was opened

And because now I know

What a bitch you turned out to be

I’m glad I decided to mail it to myself

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

* Number 2 from Muses and Other Gauche Thoughts

Blow Job

I wake from my nap

To the horrible sounds

Of my gardeners

Buzzing and hacking

Trimming and cutting

All done with the quickness of a horse race

But the noise

And the timing

Always when I wanted to sleep

I learned their pattern from my bed

Fifteen minutes of

Buzzing and hacking

Trimming and cutting

Then silence

Just long enough to start to sleep, again

Until the blow job

The final instalment on a thunderous afternoon

The last man comes around

And blows all the loose clippings away

The blow job

What a job

“What do you do for a living, Alvin?”

“Why, I’m the blower!”

The boys in Castro

Must love the way he finishes up

© D J Loweman 2014

Those Of The Damned

There is a seeming nothingness to the air

A brisk night and a long walk

Takes me to the woods

Darker than the rest of the night

Where the wind blows in rhythm

And the noises heard are all foreign

There’s a comfort in the not knowing

There’s an element of fear, as well

If you think about it for too long

You can convince yourself

That it’s just not worth it

But, if you are quick

And you keep your mind on track

You can forge ahead

Into the woods

Into the darkness

Where the wind blows strange

And all the sounds

Are those of the damned

Heading towards the unknown

And finding their way

To the light again

© Dicky J Loweman 2014